Warranty terms


1. PureParts24.co.uk is a separate entity from Pure Electric Limited.

When you make a purchase with PureParts24.co.uk your order will be handled by us, not Pure Electric Limited.

2. Fitting the parts on your own will void any warranty that you hold with Pure Electric Limited.

If possible seek the help of an authorised repair centre.

3. All spare parts and accessories sold by us have 6 month's warranty



The person that has originally purchased the item from us. The warranty is not transferable or can’t be traded in for cash/vouchers/store credit.


We cover all manufacturer defects. PureParts24 WILL NOT COVER:

       -    Wearing parts listed below but not limited to:
            1. Brake pads
            2. Tyres
            3. Tubes
           4. Rubber parts

      -     Misused items will not be covered. Every single part purchased from PureParts24 has to be maintained and can’t be used in WET conditions. Any damage resulting due to water ingress (Unless the product is clearly labeled as waterproof) will not be covered by the warranty.

Non maintained, abused, items after an accident, any damage not resulting in normal wear and tear will NOT be covered and will lead to a LOSS of the warranty.

The product to maintain the warranty MUST be serviced by PureParts24, any attempts of fixing, or disassembling the product by the customer will VOID the warranty.

Spare parts up to 6 months:
PureParts24 will reimburse for the costs of collection (up to £4.99) and return it to the customer. PureParts24 will also cover the costs of the repair and labour involved.
If the product that has been collected by PureParts24 will be found in violation of the warranty then the customer becomes liable for the cost of collection and return postage.

Spare parts over 6 months:
The customer is liable for the shipping costs, and the return costs.
The customer is also liable for the costs of the spare parts, and the labour involved.